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How things started, what drives us and why this experience might be for you.
How things started, what drives us and why this experience might be for you.
 Kiterhood Founder

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Meet Thibaut, the Kiterhood Founder

It all started in the summer of 2019. After two years of hard work and constantly putting my personal dreams on hold, I have successfully finished a first round of fund-raising for my startup. I have also turned the big 3-0, and that brought about a stringent need for self-reflection. Always chasing that next big investor in the hopes that you’ll end up building the new French “unicorn”… sure, that’s nice, but it doesn’t come without sacrifice. Sleepless nights, an immense pressure, and not much life left for the actual living – that’s what I saw when I envisioned the next five, ten years of my life. And it wasn’t what I wanted.
So I decided that things need to change. Without abandoning my entrepreneurial endeavors, I chose to live more in the now, and less in the potentiality of things to come. I have cleared my offices back in France, put my whole team in remote mode, and started planning for a more balanced lifestyle that catered for both my personal and my professional aspirations. The result was a location-independent, travel-centered, and winter-away lifestyle that combined following my business goals with more time for learning new things and enjoying life.

My First-Hand Experience with Nomading

Soon after embracing my nomadic lifestyle, with all due enthusiasm of being on a new path, of course, I have started to notice that some things were not running as smoothly as I wanted them to. And meeting other nomads along the way confirmed what I was perceiving as the pitfalls of being a digital nomad.

It’s not easy to fully focus on work when you change your “home base” each week. Between figuring out the logistics of your next destination and making the most out of your current stay, there is not much time and energy left for being productive in your day-to-day work.

It’s not easy to build meaningful relationships when you’re bound to say “Goodbye” in only few days. A new destination means always having to rebuild your social ecosystem from scratch. And we all know how difficult it is to move past the “where are you from” conversation and onto something truly meaningful and valuable.

You’re not on holiday, yet you pay holiday prices. Changing houses too often makes you a perpetual tourist: you don’t enjoy “local” prices and the benefits of long‑term renting even though that’s your main – and sometimes, only – home.
And while I understood all these are part of the digital nomad lifestyle, I couldn't help but imagine a better way of doing things. I started by adopting the principles of “slowmading”: that is, favoring longer stays over just one week or two, and getting deeper into knowing the place. Between one to four months seemed perfect to get my bearings, experience my new home base, form connections with the local community and my fellow nomads, and of course find that perfect recipe for blending work and life together that motivated this whole thing in the first place. I got to live there, not just pass through. And this was pocket-friendly too: by extending my stay, I accessed mid-term renting discounts that allowed me to enjoy better, cozier living conditions with the same budget as… well, budget ones.

The Birth of Kiterhood

So, one day, I had an idea: why not plan this stay for more people? Why not bring together people who share my slowmading lifestyle, my insatiable curiosity to discover the world, and my passion for kitesurfing? Why not change the apartment for a villa?
This way we can access more with less, bring some laughter to that jaw‑dropping villa, create our social ecosystems more easily, practice our hobby together, and overall upgrade our nomadic experience. It sounded great to me, and this is how Kiterhood was born.

A Non-Profit Organization

Kiterhood is about passion, not business. So establishing the project as a non-profit was the logical choice. My contribution to organizing each chapter of our journey together (like curating destinations, accommodation, local kitesurfing partners, etc.) is done on a voluntary basis, without compromising on professionalism or quality. The organization applies a markup but that is lower than 10% and it is meant as an emergency fund to cover for any unforeseen expenses. Moreover, the entirety of any profits will be donated to Trees.org, a charity working to improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. So dealing with a non-profit (instead of a company) does not mean a lack of reliability and accountability. It means however that, when joining Kiterhood, you can always expect to pay the right price for a unique experience.

The Kiterhood Type

Kiterhood is about bringing together people who share a similar mindset, a passion for travelling and an adventurous spirit. Thus, it is tailored for location–independent professionals in search for the perfect balance between getting things done and living life to the fullest. If you want to stop rushing and start travelling with purpose, develop your kite skills and forge meaningful connections around the world, then Kiterhood is your #1 go-to. We can’t wait to meet you!